Bill Schous

Celebration of Bill’s Life will be held at a later date.

Obituary of Bill Schous

It is with great sadness that the family of William Albert Schous (Bill) announces his passing on February 29, 2020 at the age of 72. Bill is survived by his loving wife, Leslie, his sons, Aron (Robynn), Jarrod (Terri), and his grandsons, Ashton, Tucker, Brady, Ryan and Matt Pierce. Bill is also survived by his brothers, Dean and Tracy as well as a very  special nephew and niece, Garrett and Danica. Bill was predeceased by his Dad, Wilfred Henry Schous (1994), his Mom, Eleanor June Schous (2019), his Brother, Brian (1992), Father-in-law, Bill Keyworth (1977), Mother-in-law, Mae Keyworth (1989) and Brothers-in-law, Kelly (1976) and Allan (2013). Bill was born in Gravelbourg, SK on June 18, 1947, the eldest of four brothers. Bill grew up in the Hodgeville area and received his schooling there as well. Upon completing high school Bill and his cousin Gene headed to Calgary, AB where they were in the carpenter business building houses. In 1967 Bill started farming the Schous farm, which ultimately brought him back to Hodgeville. Bill also worked for Prairie Tel, a local telephone company owned by George and Marion Dyck. Some very interesting stories rose out of “adventures” of the “linemen”. In September of 1971 Bill married Leslie Ann Keyworth and they were blessed with two sons, Aron (1974) and Jarrod (1977).  In 1977 Bill took over farming the Keyworth farm upon the death of his Father-in-law, Bill. Over the years the boys kept Mom and Dad hopping with their school and sport activities, especially in the hockey season. Bill could often be seen working the time clock at local hockey games along with Ron McPhee. Once again, many stories emanated from that duo. Although the words may not have been spoken, he was very proud of his Boys. Through their sports, hunting, fishing and camping many wonderful and treasured memories were made. No higher praise for a Father can come from anyone but his children. With this in mind, Aron and Jarrod want to tribute their Dad by thanking him for the men they have become, and how fortunate they were to have him pass on his knowledge and skills, which they in turn can pass on to their sons. Thanks to their Dad they can tackle absolutely any obstacle or task that has been put in front of them, confident simply from what their Dad taught them. His values and knowledge have been with them since they were small boys working beside their Dad when he was Janitor of the High School, cleaning sinks, emptying the garbage and sweeping floors. From little boys, through the bumps of adolescence and into adulthood they had many opportunities to work with their Dad. The things they learned from Dad, while building and renovating their homes for their families, have been invaluable. He was, is and always will be their biggest inspiration and source of self-belief. What Dad could ask for more? Bill was always very active in the community, he was a member of the Elks, the Knights of Columbus and the Wildlife Federation. In the civic aspects of life, he served on the local fire department, as Fire Chief, for a number of years. He also served as town Councillor for 6 years as well as Mayor for 9 years. During these years Leslie was employed at Canada Post and was appointed Postmaster of the Hodgeville Post Office. It was at Bill’s urging and amazing support that she became involved in the Canadian Postmasters and Assistants Association (CPAA). CPAA is the union that represents the Postmasters and Assistants who work in the rural and remote Post Offices. Once again with the utmost support and encouragement from Bill, Leslie ran for office as National Vice President of CPAA. She won and Bill and Leslie moved to Ottawa in October of 1995. She served for six years as National Vice President followed by twelve years as National President. None of this could have been possible without Bill’s strength and support behind her. Bill loved Ottawa and was thrilled when folks from “back home” came to visit and he could act as their tour guide and show them the highlights of our nation’s capital. It was during Bill and Leslie’s years in Ottawa that the “Boys” found the love of their lives. Aron married Robynn Pierce in September of 2001 and Jarrod married Terri Magnuson in March of 2002. Not only had Bill and Leslie been blessed with two great sons, they were now blessed with two beautiful and talented daughters-in-law. Bill’s life soon became full of gorgeous little grandsons and in no time at all Bill and Leslie were once again kept hopping attending hockey, soccer, football, baseball and lacrosse games. It would have been hard to find anyone in the stands as proud as Papa/Grampa. And, just as it was with his boys, the adventures in fishing, hunting and camping took on a whole new charm. Leslie retired in 2013 and they decided to move to the Keyworth family farm. Bill had spent many days and even weeks upgrading the old farmhouse. With his uncanny ability as a handyman, carpenter, electrician and plumber, he put in new windows, changed doors, redid the wiring and significantly upgraded the plumbing. His ability as a mechanic and machinist was evident in his aptitude for repairing machinery and any vehicle that entered the yard. Bill and Leslie moved to the farm in April of 2014. It didn’t take long for Bill to lay out plans for gardens, flower beds and trees/shrubs. Within a couple of years, he had set up a watering system that kept all his garden plots watered even in the driest of years. Although Bill was no longer farming, having rented the farmland to two great young men, he was still able to keep his hands on the land through his love for gardening, it was his paradise and he loved it.  Amidst his paradise was Bill’s beloved feline collection, cats, kittens and everything in between. Calicos, tabbies, blacks, whites, greys, orange, tortoiseshell, Siamese, striped and plain, you name it. All Bill had to do was go out to the shop and cats were pouring out from all their hiding places around the yard, heading for the shop, knowing that the big guy would have all sorts of treats for them. He loved to watch the kittens romp and tumble, the adults climbing to the tops of the trees or bringing home their catch of the day. He had many hours of enjoyment watching his furry little feline friends! Those who knew Bill, would never forgive us if we did not mention Bill’s amazing sense of humour. He had many quips, his comments, some of them somewhat colourful, brought many laughs to his friends and neighbours. He was not shy to state his opinion but it was usually masked in a humorous blanket that allowed even those who may not have really agreed with him, an opportunity to laugh. That beautiful sense of humour carried him through some extremely difficult times in the past few months and, even to the very end, he kept his Doctors and Nurses doubling over in laughter. His humour, dedication to family and friends will be sorely missed with his passing. There will be a Celebration of Bill’s Life at a later date.

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